New Saddles

Saddle Up has a wide variety of new saddles for you to choose from!

We have barrel saddles in many different sizes for whatever size seat you may need. All of them are gorgeous in color, bling, and shape. Gullet sizes range from small to large to fit many different shapes and sizes of horses. 

If trail riding is your prefered discipline we have new saddles for that too! We have the very popular Lady Trail saddles, as well as other fantastic saddles. These saddles will give you a comfortable ride and a great saddle experience on the trail! We have a selection of seat sizes and gullet sizes to ensure we find a perfect fit for you and your horse!

Need a new show saddle? We have those too! The new show saddles we have will sure to get you noticed in the show ring!

We also have some incredibly nice new reining saddles. These saddles look fabulous, are comfy, and can't wait to start riding!

If you're looking for a ranch or roping saddle, look no further! We have a wide selection of working saddles with different styles including Wades and A Forks. These saddles also come in a wide variety of colors, seat sizes, gullet sizes, tooling, roughout, smooth, etc...

Looking for a saddle for you kid? We have youth show, trail, ranch, and pleasure riding saddles. Seat size ranges from 10" to 13".