14.5" Used Cashel Western Trail Saddle 3-1594

14.5" Used Cashel Western Trail Saddle 3-1594

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Trail Saddle

Light on weight and heavy on quality. Soft, supple leather and a streamlined design make this the ultimate trail saddle. Stirrup fenders are positioned to give the rider a comfortable leg angle for stability. comfort and security. Double Padded, ultra soft seat provides advanced rider comfort. Convenience rings are woven into each string set. Plus, since it is built on an AXIS tree, you know it provides full, even contact to your horse.

This specific saddle is not typically found used, so grab it while you still can!


Weight: Approx. 24.5 lbs

Gullet: 7" mid-concho to mid concho

Finished Seat Size: 14.5"

Skirt Length: 24"

Tree Size: 15"