Cleaning Tack

Posted by Saddle Up on May 1st 2019

Tack cleaning is not the most fun thing to do at times, but it is extremely important. Majority of horse tack is made of leather and since leather is a natural product made from animal hide it must be cleaned and condition otherwise it will dry out, crack, and break. This can be very dangerous during riding if your bridle or another part of your tack breaks.

There are many wonderful products that you can use to clean and condition your leather tack. There are two step products as well as one step products. Take a look at your local tack shop and see what is available! Find the product that works best for you and then set aside a time to give your tack a deep cleaning. It’s best if you can clean and condition your tack a couple times a month, depending on how much you ride. You don’t have to deep clean every time, but it is important to do a deep cleaning a handful of times a year.

If you keep your tack in good condition it will last you a very long time!

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~ Saddle Up