Horse Companions

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 20th 2019

Horses are herd animals by nature and therefore are healthiest and happiest when in the presence of one or more of their own species. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances that it sometimes not possible.

There are other animals that make great companions for your horse and can help him feel comfortable and safe. Because horses are herd animals it is important that they have at least one companion at all times, whether equine or not as it affects their stress levels, sleep patterns, and overall physical and emotional health.

If you can’t keep another full-sized horse you can always get a miniature horse or a pony. They make great companions! Goats are another animal that horses usually get along really well with.

Some horses get along really well with dogs and/or cats and find great comfort in spending time with their canine or feline friend.

It’s especially important if your horse lives alone or has a non-equine companion that you spend as much time as you possibly can with your horse. He will appreciate that a lot!

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