Horse Photo Session

Posted by Saddle Up on Aug 1st 2018

You don’t need a professional photographer in order to take great pictures of your horse! All you need is your horse, a decent camera, a stunning location, and a friend to help you out!

First, you’ll need to find a great location! Natural environments are the most picturesque. When you find a location you like, make sure it will be possible to get your horse there.

Play around with the settings of the camera that you’ll be using so you’re familiar with how it works and can get the best settings for the best pictures possible.

You’ll want to get your horse looking as beautiful or handsome as possible! Give your horse a good bath the day before the shoot. You can use a turnout sheet overnight to help your horse stay clean. To keep the tail silky and free from tangles, put it in a tail bag overnight. Remember to tidy up fetlocks, muzzle, and bridle path if you regularly trim these anyway.

Clean whatever tack you’re going to use for the shoot whether it’s a halter, bridle and/or saddle.

Bring a friend along on the big day to help out and to take pictures if you want to get some shots of you with your horse.

And now, have fun! Take as many pictures as you want. The more you take, the better chance you’ll have of getting some great shots.

Be sure there is nothing in the background behind your horse that would distract form your horse. The sun should be behind you. Change your horse’s position if any part of him is in shadow and always make sure to look through the lens before you take a picture to make sure everything is in order.

You can take head shots or full body shots. Or both! You can help your horse look attentive and perky by making kissing sounds.

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~ Saddle Up