Riding in a Parade

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 28th 2018

Riding your horse in a parade can be a very fun and rewarding experience! Some barns and local riding clubs participate in parades, so it’s fairly easy to find a group to join. For most local and low-key parades, you don’t have to own a fancy horse or costume to participate.

You can begin by asking around at your local barns or riding clubs and see if there’s any groups you can join that attend parades on a regular basis.

For your first parade it will be important that it is very low-key, as it will take some time for your horse to get used to the stimulation that parades bring.

The key to riding your horse in parade safely and successfully is preparation!

Begin by taking your horse to as many horse shows as you can either to watch or participate.

Expose your horse to all kinds of scary things at home; loud noises, strange-looking objects… anything you can think of that might simulate what he’ll be exposed to at a parade.

Go on trail rides with groups of horses and riders so your horse will get used to riding safely in a group as well as being away from home in new environments.

The key is to make sure your horse is listening to you during all of this prep work. If he’s not listening to you in the arena or on the trail, then he will for sure not listen to you at a parade and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Some horses may take longer than others to get used to what will be expected of them during a parade, so be patient and try to see it from your horse’s point of view.

But, with the right preparation, group, and parade, you’ll be set for a great time!

(free photo from Canva - https://www.canva.com/ )

~ Saddle Up