Stall Bedding

Posted by Saddle Up on Feb 20th 2019

If your horse is in a stall for long periods of time they need bedding. Bedding provides a soft place for horses to lie down as well as an absorbent for urine.

There are different kinds of bedding and what you get will depend on preference, budget, and what your horse needs. Always make sure the bedding you’re getting is specifically designed for horses. There are some bedding on the market (like black walnut shavings) that can be harmful to horses.

Wood shavings: This is the most popular and expensive bedding on the market. It is soft and absorbent, making it ideal for stall bedding. However it can get dusty which can cause its own problems for both horse and owner.

Wood pellets: This type of bedding is usually less dusty and sometimes more absorbent than shavings. However the pellets tend to be less soft and can get trampled into nothing more than sawdust over time.

Straw: This is a good choice for mares with foals or for horses being treated for wounds. It’s not as absorbent and does tend to attract more flies.

Sawdust: This is the cheapest type of bedding you can get and it is pretty absorbent. However it is incredibly messy, collects in a horses eyes, and is not suitable for horses with breathing problems.

If you have any doubts about what kind of bedding to use always consult your vet or horse health expert!

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