Steer Daubing

Posted by Saddle Up on Jun 5th 2019

Steer daubing is a sport derived from real ranch work, where a horse and rider chase down one of the cattle to be marked and daub it with chalk. For ranch purposes this was used to distinguish the cattle from one another for doctoring or other purposes.

In a competition setting, a horse and rider team break from a gate at the same time as the steer is released. It’s a timed event and the horse and rider team that daubs the steer in the fastest time is the winner.

If you like chasing cattle, this would be a great event to try! Your horse will need to be very experienced working cattle before you can try steer daubing, so you will either have to invest in you and your horse learning how to work cattle or buy a solid ranch horse. This event takes skill, timing, and team work so it will take lots of practice but is well worth it in the end!

(picture taken from the Greeley Tribune - )

~ Saddle Up