The Trakehner Horse

Posted by Saddle Up on May 29th 2019

Trakehners are considered a warmblood breed (a European horse bred for sport) They are large and elegant, with a lot of muscle and tend to be of a lighter build than most other warmbloods.

They are originally from east Germany and the breed goes back to sixth century B.C when the Sycthians first bred the ancestors of today’s Trakehners for travel and warfare. By the 1900s the breed was well known throughout Europe as riding horses with great endurance and heart.

Today Trakehners are best known for their talents in dressage and jumping and are seen in many international competitions. Most (with exceptions) stand about 16 hands tall and can come in almost any color although gray, chestnut, black, and bay are the most common.

(photo from a YouTube still shot - )

~ Saddle Up