Check In

Posted by Saddle Up on Apr 17th 2019

It’s important to check in with your horse daily or occasionally depending on how often you see them to make sure they are healthy and feeling good and up to working that day. This is easy to do wh … read more

Wild Horse Auctions

Posted by Saddle Up on Apr 10th 2019

There are thousands of wild horses and burros in need of good homes. Back in 1971, the U.S congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, which was the beginning of the Wild Horse and … read more


Posted by Saddle Up on Apr 3rd 2019

Whether or not you clip depends on personal preference and what you want to do with your horse. If you intend to show, you will most likely need to clip some areas of your horse including whisker t … read more


Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 27th 2019

Horses, like humans, need minerals in order for their body to function properly. Minerals help horses metabolize fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and keep their muscles, nerves and bones functioning … read more

Horse Companions

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 20th 2019

Horses are herd animals by nature and therefore are healthiest and happiest when in the presence of one or more of their own species. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances that it someti … read more

Historical Reenactments on Horseback

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 13th 2019

Do you love history and horses? You may want to look into historical reenactments on horseback! There are several groups all over the world that participate in military reenactments, including ones … read more