Steer Daubing

Posted by Saddle Up on Jun 5th 2019

Steer daubing is a sport derived from real ranch work, where a horse and rider chase down one of the cattle to be marked and daub it with chalk. For ranch purposes this was used to distinguish the … read more

The Trakehner Horse

Posted by Saddle Up on May 29th 2019

Trakehners are considered a warmblood breed (a European horse bred for sport) They are large and elegant, with a lot of muscle and tend to be of a lighter build than most other warmbloods. They are … read more

Volunteering at a Horse Rescue

Posted by Saddle Up on May 22nd 2019

If you’re looking for a place to volunteer that would be beneficial to horses, you should consider volunteering at a local horse rescue. Many horse rescues are small and stretched thin taking care … read more

Gastric Ulcers

Posted by Saddle Up on May 15th 2019

Ulcers, unfortunately, are quite common in horses, especially competitive performance horses. Common symptoms include: unexplained colic episodes and discomfort while cinching up. To be absolutely … read more

Mounted Shooting

Posted by Saddle Up on May 8th 2019

Mounted shooting is a growing horse sport that is becoming more popular every year! It’s a fun, thrilling, and competitive discipline that requires speed and skill of both horse and rider.The goal … read more

Cleaning Tack

Posted by Saddle Up on May 1st 2019

Tack cleaning is not the most fun thing to do at times, but it is extremely important. Majority of horse tack is made of leather and since leather is a natural product made from animal hide it must … read more