Horse Companions

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 20th 2019

Horses are herd animals by nature and therefore are healthiest and happiest when in the presence of one or more of their own species. Unfortunately, due to a variety of circumstances that it someti … read more

Historical Reenactments on Horseback

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 13th 2019

Do you love history and horses? You may want to look into historical reenactments on horseback! There are several groups all over the world that participate in military reenactments, including ones … read more

Bashkir Curly Horses

Posted by Saddle Up on Mar 6th 2019

The Bashkir Curly is a unique breed of horse that comes in almost every color, is used in many disciplines, and looks just like a normal horse, except that during the winter months their coats deve … read more

Round Penning

Posted by Saddle Up on Feb 27th 2019

Round penning refers to working your horse in a circular pen usually measuring 40-60 ft. The benefits of a round pen is that it encourages forward movement, so the horse is not tempted to stop and … read more

Stall Bedding

Posted by Saddle Up on Feb 20th 2019

If your horse is in a stall for long periods of time they need bedding. Bedding provides a soft place for horses to lie down as well as an absorbent for urine.There are different kinds of bedding a … read more

Organized Trail Rides

Posted by Saddle Up on Feb 13th 2019

Organized trail rides are a great way to socialize with other horse enthusiasts, offers a good training opportunity for your horse, and lets you have loads of fun headed down a trail with other rid … read more