Consignment Policies



Saddle Up is proud to be a reliable source to sell used tack items and saddles. Please review the below consignment terms and policies prior to bringing items into the store. 


Consignment Requirements 


  • All items must be presented clean, complete, and free of defects.
  • All consignment items must be in a usable condition.
  • Items with one or more of the following will NOT be accepted:


Bent, crushed, or otherwise damaged
Dry and cracked leather
Extreme hair clumping
Missing or corroded hardware
Rips, tears, and holes
Rotted leather or other materials
Smoke free


  • All consignment items, including any tubs, cartons, or other containers in which the consignment items are brought into the store, must be clear of any mouse droppings or any other hazardous substances.
  • Consigners must allow for our staff to perform a quality screening of their items. Any No Thank You (NTY) items can be set aside for pick-up by the consigner or disposed of by Saddle Up. 
  • When in doubt, throw it out! 



Consignment Terms:

Price to be paid to consignor for saddle(s) sold is dependent on final sales price of saddle. Saddle Up starts at a 50/50 split on saddles with a retail price of $695 or lower, then the % tiers as retail price of saddle increases. The lowest commission Saddle Up will take is 30%. Retail price of saddle will be reduced by $50 every 4 months until the saddle has sold.

Retail price of tack items is set at time of consignment agreement, consignor will be paid 60% of final sales price. Retail Price of tack will be reduced by 10% after 60 days & then again 10% every subsequent 60 days.

Saddle Up has authority to negotiate the retail price of any item on any offers received up to $100.00 of the set retail price, if the offer is more than a $100 difference we will call you.

Saddle Up can refuse and/or dispose of any item(s) deemed unsafe or unusable.

Saddle Up requests sole advertising responsibility and asks you do not market the saddle(s) through any social media, internet or print advertising. If found we'll charge a $100 cancellation fee.

Saddle Up will charge the following fees, if saddles need any of these items:
- Heavy Cleaning - $30 Light Cleaning - $10
- Off Billets/Latigo Tie Straps/Stirrup Hobbles - Replacement Cost
- Rear Cinch on Ranch/Roping Saddles - Replacement Cost

Picking Up Items: Consignor may pick up items and cancel agreement at any time, however any saddles picked up within the first 60 days will incur a $60 cancellation fee per saddle. This fee covers our labor, marketing, and advertising cost.

Consignor Payments: Checks over $50 will be mailed to consignors within 30 days of the date the items are sold. Checks will be sent to the address provided unless store credit is requested. Store credit for sold items can be given at any amount.

Liability: Saddle Up assumes no liability for the loss of, damage to, or destruction of any item consigned.