Posted by Saddle Up on Dec 5th 2018

To this day the origin of the Arabian horse remains a mystery. The earliest documented breeders were the Bedouins, nomadic desert people of the Middle East. They prized their Arabian horses, relying on them for transportation and using them to ride into battle. They also saw their horses as friends, inviting them into their tents to escape the cold nights or the hot sun.

Arabians are a very popular and very distinctive breed. They are delicate in stature and tend to prance around with grace and beauty Their head has a concave face, which is called a dish. The Arabian’s back is shorter than other breeds and the croup is nearly flat. The neck is set steeply on sloping shoulders, giving them a naturally high head carriage. Arabians rarely grow taller than 15.3 hands and are most commonly seen in colors of gray, bay, chestnut, and black.

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