Horse Camping

Posted by Saddle Up on May 30th 2018

Do you love trail riding? Do you also love camping? Then combine the two! It’s a favorite pastime of a lot of horse owners to take their horses camping with them and instead of spending the days hiking you spend them trail riding!

You trailer your horse to the campsite and tie him to the outside of the trailer or in a secure and safe available horse corral, pitch your tent, set up and camp, and voila! You’re horse camping!

The most important thing is to make sure your horse will tie without pawing, pulling back, or being worried. Practice this at home or at shows to make sure your horse will be comfortable being tied for long periods of time. Also be sure to research the best ways to tie your horse during camping since the lead rope will need to be long enough so the horse can lie down, but not long enough to where he could get tangled up in it. You also need to be aware of places on your trailer where the rope (or your horse!) might snag. Be safe and smart while preparing for a camping trip and while you’re on it. Some campsites have corrals you can put your horse in, which in that case you won’t have to worry about tying!

You need to find a campsite that will allow horses, has access to water (unless you have a water tank outfitted in your trailer) and access to horse friendly/allowed trails. Do your research thoroughly before you pick a spot!

Packing list for your horse includes:

Hay or pelletized feed enough for each day you’ll be camping plus extra for emergencies (depending on the campsite you may not be allowed to bring in outside hay.)

Water (if not available on campsite)

All your tack and grooming supplies

Plenty of buckets for feed, water, and grain.

Hay nets

Light horse blanket to help keep your horse warm while tied

Insect repellent

First aid kit

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~ Saddle Up