Observe Your Horse

Posted by Saddle Up on Jul 25th 2019

We spend a lot of time training, competing, and riding our horses, but how often do we just sit and watch them? You can learn a lot about your horse’s personality by watching him in turn out or in a pasture with a herd for an hour!

Horses have an intense drive to graze and forage, so you will see a lot of that. But notice your horse’s eyes and ears, always on the look out for anything dangerous. If your horse raises his head high and looks alert try and see what he sees. It’s probably way off in the distance!

If your horse is in a herd, even better! Herd dynamics are fascinating and will help you become a better horse person! The best horse people are the ones who understand herd dynamics and behavior. Watch how your horse interacts with other horses. Do other horses move away from him or does he move away from other horses? What happens if one gets too close to another one? Who’s friends with who? Who’s the leader of the herd?

Take what you’ve seen and apply it next time you work with your horse. You’ll be amazed!

(free photo from Canva - https://www.canva.com/ )

~ Saddle Up