Wild Horse Auctions

Posted by Saddle Up on Apr 10th 2019

There are thousands of wild horses and burros in need of good homes. Back in 1971, the U.S congress passed the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act, which was the beginning of the Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program that is managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) This program is responsible for finding homes for the wild horses and burros that have been removed from public lands.

The BLM holds wild horse and burro auctions around the U.S throughout the year. Horse lovers are invited to attend and bid on horses that are kept in pens on-site. In order to bring a wild horse or burro home you must first fill out an adoption application and be approved.

Many of the adoption events also feature training sessions by experienced trainers. By watching them you can learn a lot about how to work with your new wild friend.

Because these horses and burros are taken off the range they have had very little handling or human contact so they do require a lot of time and training. However it is well worth it in the end as these wild horses and burros can become some of your best friends.

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~ Saddle Up